Insurance may not be required, however, Certificates of Insurance must be in force for at least 30 days prior to, and 30 days after, your requested rental period. Temporary insurance IS NO LONGER accepted.  Please call us with any questions.

Please be advised that it can take up to 24 hours to process and approve a new rental application. We do our best to approve them as quickly as possible, but it does take 4-24 hours. No applications will be processed after 3pm.

We rent a wide variety of camera, lighting, and grip equipment for every need. Before you rent, here are the answers to a few questions you might have:

A rental application form has to be on file before any equipment can be reserved. Since it can take up to 24 hours to process a registration for a new renter, we request the form be submitted at least a day in advance.

We may require a deposit on rental equipment at our discretion. The deposit values and rental prices are listed on the equipment rental page on this site.  Contact us to see if your rental requires a deposit or not. The deposit, if required, can be left in one of the three following forms once you have established an account:

  • A credit card preauthorization. This puts a credit hold equal to the deposit on your credit card. Please note, this can only be done with a credit card (not a check or debit card) due to banking regulations. If you choose this method, please check with your bank in advance to make sure you have available credit for this process. Your bank will release the credit hold, not PPR after the merchandise is returned. Please check with your bank to see how they handle this, your credit could be tied up for a full billing cycle, depending on your credit provider.
  • A local Georgia check. This can be used for any rental for which the deposit value is less than $5,000. Simply write us a check for the deposit amount. We hold the check until you return the merchandise. This is by far the easiest and most common method. You will need to be a Georgia resident with a Georgia driver's license and the address on the check must match the address on the license. If it does not, you will have to use one of the other deposit methods. We cannot accept "counter" or "starter" checks for deposits or rental payments.
  • A Certificate of Insurance. This is the preferred method and may be required for certain equipment or accounts. INSURANCE MUST BE IN FORCE FOR 30 DAYS PRIOR TO YOUR RENTAL AND 30 DAYS AFTER THE RETURN DATE. This is a policy issued by your insurance company insuring PPR against loss or damage to our rental equipment. Check with your insurance carrier to see if they offer this service. You will need a business policy in order to obtain this. If you have homeowner's or renter's insurance you'll have to use one of the other deposit methods. 

Our minimum rental charge is for 24 hours. We offer an extended day rental if the equipment is picked up after 3 pm the day before your shoot day and returned before 10 am on the following day. We also offer a 3-day rental, 7-day rental, 10-day rental, and a monthly rental. These special times are only available on scheduled rentals that have been prepaid at the time the rental is picked up.

Rental extensions will be considered a new rental and charged accordingly.

Late returns are charged the minimum rate for every 24 hour period that they are tardy.

Rentals reserved and not picked up will be charged a one-day rental rate. Rentals canceled more than 24 hours before the scheduled pickup time will not be charged a cancellation fee. Reservations canceled less than 24 hours before the scheduled pickup will be charged a one-day rental rate.

Items dropped from a reservation are treated the same as if the whole rental was canceled. (e.g. if you drop a lens from a rental order at the time of pickup, you will still be charged for that lens since it is less than 24 hours).

If we do not have a payment method or you do not supply us with one to pay the cancellation fee or the no show fee, you will not be permitted to rent or reserve equipment until the outstanding fees are completely resolved.

We encourage you to make a reservation as soon as you know the date that you will need the equipment, but we recommend being sure about what you need before you reserve it.

If you do not return all parts or components of your rental (e.g. lens caps and hoods, cables, bags, manuals, chargers, etc.) you will be charged the value of the specific missing item. If you happen to find the item, you may return it WITHIN 24 HOURS and we can issue a refund.

Again, before you can make a reservation, you’ll need to fill out our Rental Application form, which can be accessed by clicking here. Due to heavy workloads, any applications received after 3 pm on Friday may not be processed until the following business day, which would be the following Monday, please get your application in early to guarantee that your rental will be processed on time.

We value your privacy, so all the information on this form will be kept in-house and confidential. We will never sell or disclose your personal information to any outside party.

After submitting your application, please call us to make sure that it was received, as e-mails aren't always 100% reliable.

Hopefully this answers many of the questions you might have had, if you have any others please feel free to call.