Thank you for taking the time to sit with PPR and share your experiences, we are always looking for new and current talent to feature on our blog. Lets begin with how did you hear about Professional Photo Resources?

Thank you for the opportunity to be featured and I'm glad to be sitting here with you right now. PPR is one of the only trusted places in Atlanta that I use to rent equipment from. I heard about PPR from a friend about six years ago and ever since then I've been a loyal and faithful client and I love the service that I received at PPR.  

Omar, has there been a specific person or any particular event(s) that has lead to your decision of becoming a film maker?

I've always been interested in cameras and creating imagery but it was in 2009 after the death of my father and years of working as a music producer that I decided to switch gears and take video and film seriously. 

Artists become known for their style, how would you define your style? After viewing your work what message would you want your audience to walk away with. 

I would define my style as clean, precise and creative. A lot of us in this industry try to be so different and out of the box that the message gets lost. I like to focus on simple and effective visuals that sell the message and entertain. I feel as though I can get as creative as I want to be and shoot to the moon when it comes to ideas and concepts but if the audience doesn't get it it's all worth nothing.  We do all of this to entertain the audience not our egos, that's how I feel. The message is the message man, you tell me if I did my job correctly you understand the message, if not we have to go back to the drawing board.  That's how I run my team, my company and life. 

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Giving that the field is always changing constantly what piece of equipment have you come to rely on the most and couldn’t live without? 

I couldn't live without the Canon EF 24 to 70mm Canon lens. It’s the big mallet that crushes everything. If you only have this lens you are good to go, think about it; you get a wide 24, a 35,  a 50 and you get a close-up 70 and everything in between.  It's a great tool to have in any video/film guys toolkit.

 As creatives, we draw inspiration from various sources, what sources or who inspires you to create?

Man, I'm inspired by everything and anything that I see hear, taste, experience.  It all goes in tomorrow. If I'm in Walmart and I see a lady walking with her kid and crazy plumber butt I'm inspired to make something that's inspired by that.  The final product may not have anything to do with the ladies plummer butt but it kicked off an idea that I made something great out of.  

Do you care to share any funny stories with our audience such as difficult clients, exotic locations, lost footage? 

Sorry man, my brain is misfiring on a funny story right now. I'll have to give that one to you later. 

Any advice that you would give an inspiring filmmaker looking to get started in the industry?

 My advice to anyone wanting to get into this industry is just do it. Even if you don't have the equipment you can always go to a place like PPR that has knowledgeable people and professional grade equipment to get you going. Do not hesitate take action and shoot. 


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What is your career path and/or how has it changed over the years?

 I started my company "Holland Bay" with the idea that we would shoot dope music videos. That vision has changed to servicing mostly business clients. I'm currently working on a project that I call The Be Great Project. My team and I have decided to shoot 12 short films this year, one short every month. We are essentially preparing for next year when we plan to produce content for web, subscription-based services, television and the big screen.  

Where can we see your work? 

To see what Holiday is working on you can navigate to or follow us on Facebook Facebook.comhollandbay.

What are your thoughts on traditional education vs self-taught, I felt a need to mention this because many image makers in today’s world are deciding to bypass the usual apprenticeship phase and proceed directly to shooting, do you think this affects the industry as a whole 

So I'm self-taught so I'm a little partial to going that route. I feel in order to be self taught you have to be so motivated and have so much passion, and that passion and motivation is what really makes you good and stand out from the rest. Not hating on going to school because that's a viable option as well. I just feel like self-taught folks have an extra little something that sets them apart. As far as how that affects the industry I think it affects the industry in a positive way. Multiple and different points of views could never be a bad thing especially in a creative feild like this one.

 Who is your ideal client? 

My ideal client is a person that has no creative ability but they have a budget.

 We try to stay as current as possible with our rental inventory, we value our customer feedback because it’s extremely helpful. When thinking about equipment is there any particular equipment you would like to see at PPR ? 

You guys do a great job of having the latest and greatest in rental inventory.  One thing I would like to see is more lighting control items. More flags and silks in various sizes along with robo focus devices.  

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us Omar, we will certainly keep looking for new and more of the same great content on your website and your Facebook page.  If you would like to thank anyone here is your chance!

I'd like to thank everyone involved with The Be Great Project. Aaron Burks, Supadope, LaToya Nelson, Floyd Hayden, Alondra Hunt, Chantel Johnson, David,Mark Williams, De'jon Williams, Johnathon Henry, as well as all the actors who make what we create come to life.

Thanks again Omar, take care !!