Frequently Asked Questions

What does Professional Photo Resources, Inc. do?

PPR rents and sells traditional and digital professional and commercial photo equipment and supplies. We are the most complete photographic rental house in the southeast.

How do I get set up to rent from PPR?

Fill out our online Rental Application Form by clicking here. You may also download the rental application and guidelines in pdf format by clicking here. Fill out the application and fax it to 404-885-9706. Applications can take up to 24 hours to process, so be sure and send your application in early.

What methods of payment to you accept?

We accept all major credit cards...Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. Credit card must be present for any purchases or rental.

How does your rental charge work?

All rentals are for 24 hours. Please figure shipping days into your rental reservation time frame. We normally ship rentals UPS or Fedex overnight.

Do you have special rates for longer rentals?

Yes, we have weekly and monthly rental rates that are especially good values. Depending on the type of equipment being rented, weekly rates are 3 times the day rate. Monthly rentals are 9 times the day rate for a 4 week period. So...if you rent a Canon or Nikon camera for 4 weeks, you only pay for 9 days! That is a great value!

I am from out of town, shooting an assignment in Atlanta. Do you have rental studio space?

Yes, we have two spaces that are available for daily rental. Click here for more information.

What type of security deposit do you require for rentals?

We may require a deposit in the amount of the value of the equipment. This will be determined by the equipment and account age.  The preferred method is an Insurance Certificate from your commercial insurer, listing Professional Photo Resources as the loss payee, with sufficient limits to cover the equipment you wish to rent. This certificate of insurance is available to you from your insurance agent at no charge. It can be faxed directly to us by your insurance company.

Deposit checks will be held until rental gear is returned, then the check will be returned to you. We cannot accept "counter" or "starter" checks for either deposits or to pay for rentals. Checks can only be used for deposits under $5000.

Alternatively, credit cards with sufficient limits may be used for deposits. Credit card deposits are done as authorizations only, not an actual charge. However, depending on the card company, that authorization may stay on the account anywhere from a few days to a full billing cycle. This can impede use of the card until the authorization falls off.

Do you have a list of equipment that is available for rental?

We have a list of our rental equipment by category and manufacturer's name on our Equipment Rental page that you may view or print at your convenience.